Capital Protection Guide

In current low fixed income scenario, everyone is searching for safe and better option which gives has potential to give higher return over traditional bank fixed deposits for their hard earn money saved and accumulated over a period of time.

For all those worried retire, Senior citizen Mutual fund gives you unique solution through its highly liquid and high quality portfolio of Liquid /Liquid Plus funds to generate safe, stable and potential return. And transferring appreciated fixed amount every month to professionally managed Equity fund.

Money invested in debt fund generally yields returns. The potential returns in debt funds are usually higher than bank account and aims to assure relatively better performance. Equity investment via monthly transfer gives you required higher return over period of time.

Let’s illustrate by example.


  • No tax has been applied on the gains of saving bank interest in this tool.
  • Short Term in case of debt funds is defined as less than or equal to 3 years. Long Term in case of debt funds is defined as more than 3 years.
  • Short Term in case of Equity fund is defined as less than or equal to1 year. Long Term in case of Equity  fund is defined as more than 1 years.
  • Debt fund gives Indexation benefits for investment above 3 years.
  • The above illustration does not guarantee nor assures any return by investing through either SIP OR STP and that the returns are subject to market risks which even poses the risk of loss of principal during bad times in the market